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Protect your privacy and personalize your internet browsing experience. With the Startpage Privacy Protection for Chrome Activation Code extension, you can browse the internet without any data being collected about you. All trackers and trackers present on the websites you visit can be blocked from the moment you start browsing. Furthermore, you can customize your search engine to one that respects your privacy and personalizes your experience. Because the plugin is based on the Startpage search engine, your privacy is never at risk - even if the site you're visiting has security vulnerabilities. Addeddate 2017-01-18 20:58:35 Identifier end-to-end-security-prevention-trackers-and-cookies-on-the-internet-and-privacy-is-important-idea-for-all-users-regardless-of-their-ages Scanner Internet Addthis End-to-End security: protecting your privacy and personalizing your internet browsing experience The values in this article are simple and clear: if we all have some basic human rights, there's no one way of doing things, it's all up for debate. We will try to present a balanced view of things, as this is a very tiring topic for the average user. Introducing the concept of "human rights" to everyone may sound like a good idea, but in real terms, there's no end to which things can be objected. So let's just try to be clear about something: what we are talking about in this article is privacy, and its protection from third parties. End-to-end security: protecting your privacy and personalizing your internet browsing experience The privacy controversy over the last several years has rumbled on, with no sign of slowing down. We tend to overreact to the dystopian fears thrown at us, but let's not give that phenomenon too much merit: people are simply afraid of their privacy being abused. That can be anything from mandatory data collection to advertising targeting, and everyone's afraid of it. It's almost like people are afraid of giving a part of their life over to others, and they don't want to do that. In the meantime, however, the concept of "human rights" comes handy: these are intrinsic rights that every person is entitled to simply because of their existence as human beings. How far will we take that concept? Only time will tell. Tools to help users protect their privacy are thankfully available, and it's a good thing that there's no shortage of them a5204a7ec7

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